Retail Recruitment Agency in India

Retail Staffing Agency in India

Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a significant transformation. It has developed, expanded in many ways. The size of the retail industry in India is quite huge. The retail market in India was at Rs. 23 lakh Crore in 2011-12. By 2016-17, it has reached to Rs. 47 lakh crore including organized retail and unorganized retail. As retail industry has taken a huge leap, it has created numerous job opportunities as well. However, a retail organization looks for skilled professionals. There are several job opportunities where skilled workers are required. The retail industry is about trust and quality. It takes years to gain that trust from the consumers and it can only be maintained by your reliable workforce. 99 Jobs Pvt Ltd not only sources, but also screens the candidates on these qualities especially when it comes to Market Reach and OEM Connect.