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RPO is a process where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to 99 Jobs Pvt Ltd. Our RPO services in India works as your internal recruitment team and can manage parts or all the RPO recruitment services like research and recruitment planning, or the entire recruiting / hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including recruitment technology, methodology, recruitment advertising and reporting.

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Benefits of Recruitment Process Out Sourcing


Companies will require investing and spending time on job ads, having recruitment tracking system, background checking and many other allied services and technologies. With RPO consultancy’s methodologies, the hiring cost is mostly reduced by 40% because of the dedicated and professional RPO recruiting services. Our RPO consultancy india will help you in streamlining the recruiting procedures, avoid unnecessary and dedicated staff for recruiting and hiring employees.


To fill a position in the organization, our RPO consultancy have to go through a lot of profiles and may not significantly look at the qualities that persuade a candidate to your required position. At 99 Jobs Pvt Ltd we are completely bound to tracking and screening candidates, and find the right candidate in time according to your requirement. As a RPO company India, we have a huge data of job seekers which can certainly form a reliable bridge between an organization and quality candidates suitable for your requirement.


Our RPO consultancy India will help you flex with your growing needs. If you grow your business, you require more manpower; if your business is down scaling, you have to implement the hiring freeze. We adjust to these conditions and assist you during these extreme possibilities.


Skilled employees encourage organization's ability to innovate effectively. Recruiting out sourcing supports you to be competitive in the industry by recruiting exemplary candidates at both executive and non-executive levels. RPO recruitment services of 99 Jobs Pvt Ltd ensure that you will get 100% result by hiring our recruitment team in your company. .